The "Petro" Perfin - 1999


Carlos Dalmiro Silva Soares


Perfim: BP and VOCo

Perfins are what stamp collectors call the stamps with holes in them. Holes made by a company or organization so that employees cannot use the stamps on their personal mail. The collecting of perfins is a specialized part of the philatelic hobby, some collectors collect only perfins.


There are, however, many "one issue" collectors who include a page or two of perfins to broaden the scope of their collections. In this last case we can interfere. I want to say we are thematic collectors that can use of the perfins to develop our theme.

1) What is Perfins?

A perfin is a perforated design, symbol, insignia, letter, or group of letters in a postage stamp placed there by and individual, organization, or government agency for the purpose of controlling the stamp's postal use. Perfin collectors call the "perforated design, symbol, insignia, letter, or group of letters" the perfin pattern.

2) What is Petro Perfins?

I define "petro" perfin as all the perfin related with oil industry.

3) Examples of Petro Perfins

England - 1897 - Envelope of Hull (14/5) for Halesworth (15/5), perfin " AAO/C " of Anglo Enterprise

Let us see some perfins examples related with the petro philately:

Perfin - Sun Oil, Standard Oil and Esso

3.1) Old Companies

A lot of companies founded in the beginning of the century are portrayed in perfins. The Nobel Brother's Petroleum Company, Anglo American Oil Company, Sun Oil Company, Standard Oil of NY, Esso, among many other companies, were used of perfins.

3.2) Vacuum Oil Company: Prague

Vacuum Oil Company had its headquarters in Pague and branches throughout the country. The refinary at Zvoda used # 1 and it is known on Austrian stamps from 1908. The first Czech stamps received # 2 and it is possible that it was only used a short time. The Prague headquarters and a branck in Komeritz used #3. It is thought that the firm bought a mater machine in the 1930s and quit using perfins.

The Vacuum Oil Company is known in New Zealand on the Health stamp of 1929 (# 4), 1931 (2d + 1d value), 1932, 1934-1936, 1938-1940, and 1943-1945.

3.3) Transport

A lot of companies of transports are also portrayed in perfins. Let us see this important example:

Denmark - 1910 - Envelope circulated from Kjobrnhavn (Faroe - 10/12) to Assens (11/12) - perfin " DDPA" of the

Empresa Det Danske Petroleums-Aktieselskab: freight company - petroleum distributor in Faroe


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